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bay area resident alex abalos aKa pu22L3 began his musical career spinning hip hop and soul before moving on to hardstep drum and bass as well as playing bass guitar in various bay area death metal bands (sharing bills with the likes of cannibal corpse and playing in venues like the legendary warfield theatre.)

while working as an AV nerd at "expressions, " a bay area school for audio engineering, pu22L3 became involved with the "girl fight records" crew, as well as "tear records" and infamous bay area weirdos upside down umbrella. during this period he began werking in earnest to combine his fascination with electronic experimentation and traditional instrumentation...

eventually finding a balance in these elements, pu22L3 settled into a diverse series of solo experiments and collaborations, and became a regular performer with the daly city records crew, 5lowershop soundsystem as well as championing political and social causes in the bay area.

drawing inspiration from flamenco polyrythms and frequently incorporating live bass guitar alongside his trusty circuit bent akai MPC and laptop, pu22L3's current work defltly swings between electro death jazz, hyped up splatter break madness, and intricate, melodic guitar driven glitch.

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