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Planetsize (Jeremy Stone) was born out the ashes of Planetsize:Clit, the 2-man noise extravaganza, influenced by everything from early electronic pioneers like Jean Jaques-Perrey, to jazz giant Nels Cline, to weirdo rock bands like Melt Banana and the Melvins. Jeremy played samples from 3 or 4 record players lifted from deaf kids’ schools, and Eric Bauer (of later Crack W.A.R. fame) played synths and rhythms. Planetsize:Clit was kooky and warped and loud.

In the late 90s, Jeremy toured the US with western ergot-noise-art band Caroliner Rainbow, married the beautiful Italian singer Patrizia Oliva (Madame P), and relocated to San Francisco, playing bass, drums, and baby toys in the Spider Compass Good Crime Band, Crack (We Are Rock), and Compomicro-dexall (with fellow Woodland Hills ex-patriots Jake Rodriguez [the bran{...}pos] and Mike Guarino).

In 2000, Jeremy put down his bass to fly solo as Planetsize. He aquired the Korg army: the first Kaoss Pad, the ER-1, the ES-1, alongside the Boss Dr. Sample. He listened to evil early breakcore: dj Scud, christoph fringelli, society suckers, slepcy, anything on Ambush, anything downloadable from The resulting sound was brutal. The first Planetsize cdr was called “headache” and it was an hourlong wall of sick, dark sound. Of course it gave you a headache.

The sound became kookier and more soundscapey at the same time. Years of The Moog Cookbook, Ernie Kovacs, and the Residents started seeping in, as did Luc Ferrari, Stockhausen, and Tod Dockstader. He became more of a composer than simply a noisician, playing shows with at least 8 pieces of gear, and controlling the sound the way a conductor would.

He played extensively in and around the Bay Area with the 5lowershop and Spaz sound systems, and released music on Fire Museum Records, 5lowershop, Team Bring It, and Teen Suicide Records. Alongside the bran pos as "gerbels", planetsize was one half of the comedy superband Gerbles & Pregger, and composed the sound for the children's cooking show, "Cooking With Margarita".

Planetsize passed away on June 21, 2006. He leaves behind 2 kittycats, Meicho and Tonka, and scores of friends and family.

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