about us


heartworm (San Francisco resident Brandon Taylor) -managed to escape the redneck backwaters of florida in the late 1990's, moving to New York city to write music, heartworm nurtured a fevered output of Shattered breaks, pounding hardcore rythms and decimated time signatures combined with a healthy dose of skewed, absurdist humor and oddly arranged melody.

Heartworm found himself deeply involved with the underground electronic scene, hosting the long running "Opiate" experimental night with cohort Aaron Spectre, holding down several DJ residencies, and maintaining a hectic schedule of music releases and collaborations.

relocating yet again to san francisco in 2003, heartworm continued working with soundsystem collectives and underground musicians, organizing events with the infamous 5lowershop soundsystem, slowleak records, havocsound, the s.p.a.Z. collective and and touring the U.S., canada and europe.

The heartworm has released recordings for Teen Suicide records, massive support records, Digital Hardcore Recordings, Aklass Records, Nexialist, Noiseusse. org, Double Threat records, 5lowershop, Faklabs Audio, Mode Of Proof, DTRASH recordings, slowleak records, and the imprint.

The heartworm has performed alongside such artists as Panacea, Jega, Otto Von Scirach, Richard Devine, the Executioners, Ed rush and Optical, Duranduranduran, Xanopticon, Aaron Spectre/Drumcorps, Jason Forrest (aKa Donna Summer), Society Suckers, Venetian Snares, Fanny, The Zod Records crew, and countless underground artists across the country.

The heartworm continues to work with the 5lowershop collective and slowleak records in San Francisco, and is trying not to drink so fucking much all the time.

download drip 03: heartworm live at Dammit, Size

and drip 05: God's Disdain for Plankton