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dj Crackhousethe dJ crackhouse aKa $limelord aKa 666gangstaZ

drawing from a seemingly endless source of technical knowledge, raw talent and an unearthly focus, san francisco based audio/visual artist tod cook has created a legacy of intense music, art and performance in his 16 years as an electronic artist.

cook grew up creating computer music from an early age, as well as working as a professional sound tech throughout his teenage years, honing his skills as a dJ and producer and creating an endless output of music.

a key figure in the michigan experimental scene, cook co-ran the web label, and was influential in the underground party scene.

As the chief sound technician of the california branch of the notorius 5lowershop soundsytem, cook has organized and perfomed at countless events under a number of alias'(dJ crackhouse, $limelord, 666gangstaZ) and has released material for slowleak records,, 5lowershop soundsystem and teen suicide records.

continuing a fevered schedule of live performances, releases and collaborations, cook has also recently been working in video art, motion> graphics and website design, all with characteristically spectacular results.

cook is, in any of his various alias', the absolute best live breakcore act in the world.


download drip02: dj Crackhouse vs $limelord mp3s