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drip02 djCrackhouse vs $limelord
download entire release (115 mb zip)
Unstoppable booty-noise from the master of ceremonies of ghetto-core..... half Crackhouse and half $limelord..... art by djCrackhouse.

drip03 heartworm: Live at Dammit, Size!
download mp3 (54 mb)
Straight noise chaos recorded at the Planetsize memorial party with 2 mics suspended from the ceiling. 30 minutes of breakbeat decimation, found sounds, pure noise and unleashed fury, followed by a 20 minute dJ set. Art by David8.

drip04 pLanetsizE
download entire release (69mb zip)
10 tracks of unspeakable beauty, mastered posthumously by the bran(...)pos. This untitled release was written around 2004 using all hardware and the secret weapon, 2 minidisc players and a bag of minidiscs with the weirdest, scariest samples imaginable.

drip05 heartworm: God's Disdain for Plankton
download entire release (18mb zip)
Conceptual ambient noise piece created to invoke the animals of the ocean. bonus remixes and live cuts.


drip06 Pu22L3: Dick Boogers
download entire release (37 mb zip)
a frenetic storm of splintered breakbeats and churning textures. 30 minutes of sinister, adrenaline charged sonic mayhem. artwork by alex pu22L3.


drip07 Build128: the Wintermute EP
download entire release (29 mb zip)
razor sharp, stuttered breakbeats, aggresively edited drum fills and melodic washes from oakland's Build 128.